Neck pain can be debilitating both physically and mentally. Improving function through physiotherapy can lead you to decreased pain and improve your lifestyle. Whiplash is a common form of neck pain. The mechanism of injury is often post road traffic accident but it can also be attained through contact in sport or other traumatic events that leads to rapid excessive neck movement.


Whiplash is estimated to cost £3 billion in the `UK annually.  Most patients demonstrate a uncomplicated clinical picture with mild to moderate levels of pain and disability, local sensitivity over the neck joint, mild psychological distress and motor dysfunction. Stress and lack of sleep is often associated with whiplash post injury. This in turn can increase the symptoms of whiplash, leading to prolonged rehabilitation, time out of work and time out of sport. 

At SPARC we work with all major insurers to help resolve your issues as quickly as possible, limiting the effects of this condition and allowing you to return to normal activity.