Return to performance

All SPARC athletes rehabilitate in a state of the art gym facility located at Ballyboden St Endas training complex. The complex also has a 33m running track, all weather and grass pitches to ensure athletes are taken from initial injury through to return to performance. These facilities provide a unique environment to optimise your rehabilitation and minimise your time out of sport



Planning and Managing

This unique service builds an athlete injury profile and advises athletes on appropriate courses of action to maximise game time through specific & individual prehabiliation strategies, manage workload and identify an athletes injury risks and biomechanical deficits through SPARC’s profiling services.


Linear & Multidirectional

At SPARC we aim to have athletes performing at levels higher than pre-injury on return to sport. By addressing biomechanical deficits that lead to injury, injury risk is not only minimised, performance can be optimised with more efficient linear and multidirectional movement in addition to improvements in reactive strength, agility and power.