Helping your people exceed!

SPARC understand that your employees lifestyle and well being forms a huge part of improving performance in the workplace. Empowering employees to take control of their own individual health & well being will decrease absenteesim, increase productivity and improve team culture. We utilise our experience from sporting team environments and cultures to help your employees embrace changes in their own lifestyle and their approach to managing chronic conditions associated with work place environments.

Our approach is to identify problems, relieve pain, restore movement and implement processes to ensure that your employee has strategies that allows them take ownership and prevent issues returning.

While we offer services such as sports massage, we firmly believe that making physical changes through strength and control exercises will help your employees get longer term benefits, and eradicate the need for physiotherapy and other medical interventions in the future.

We treat work related injuries in addition to providing sound advice on workstation set up and other work based musculoskeletal issues.

Corporate PAckages and services

  • On site Chartered Physiotherapy service - This is our flagship service and is the first step to improving long term health and well being changes. Our clinicians treat current injuries ,engage your employees and actively encourage lifestyle changes that will benefit both the individual and the company. You provide the room or room/gym on site and we come to you! This service is available on a weekly/ fortnightly or monthly basis.

  • Postural and workspace assessments - We use state of the art technology to analyse and assess your employees posture, creating plans to address workspace problems and habitual postural issues associated with their job such as neck, back and shoulder based issues in the office based environment.

  • Strength and Conditioning services on site (Gym/Large open space required) - This includes 1-1 and also group sessions. This service is designed to engage those who have had previous issues or currently have an issue. Our strength and conditioning coaches build on the biomechanical deficits identified by our physiotherapists to create long term lifestyle changes which are integrated into their every day environment. Lunchtime/ Early morning and evening strength and conditioning classes are a mainstay of this service. We also provide full gym co-ordination and supervision solutions.

  • Corporate Wellness Talks - Group talks with a strength and conditioning coach/ Chartered physiotherapist and performance nutritionist. A morning talk aimed at those interested in making changes to their physical well being. We tailor the talk to suit our audience.

  • Sports Massage - On site sports massage.