Traditionally low back pain treatment involved  prolonged rest and avoidance of activity. More recent studies suggest that this actually leads to greater disability, greater pain ,and poorer recovery and longer time periods of dysfunction.

Current research encourages avoidance of painful activity initially but returning to normal activity as quickly as able, with activities such as bending, twisting, turning all encouraged as able. What we do know is most back pain will resolve once rehabilitated correctly. The use of exercise in this environment is key to returning back function. This includes both general exercise, such as walking/running etc and also more specific lumbopelvic (lower back/pelvic/abdominal) exercises. 

Fear of movement is often common post back injury and at SPARC we aim to return you to normal movement to allow you get on with everyday life, returning to sport and all things you want to do. The role of exercise in this process is absolutely key, and the long term benefits of exercise rehabilitation over other forms of treatment for lower back pain have been well documented. 

And the best thing is… Exercise is FREE!!!

Benefits of Exercise

•  Release of Endorphins.

•  Improve mood, sleep, cardiovascular function, muscle strength, energy, aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

• Reduce stress, anxiety, fatigue, risk of some long term chronic illness such as heart conditions and diabetes.