Groin Rehab

Chronic groin pain is a common presentation in sports medicine practice. Groin injuries account for some of the most common presentations  affecting soccer, hockey, rugby, GAA, NFL, AFL athletes. Essentially those sports were multidirectional movement is required or high degrees of kicking.  This gives an incomplete portrayal, however, as the morbidity attached to chronic groin pain means it is behind only fracture and joint reconstruction in terms of lost time from injury.

This provides a massive challenge for all those involved in the physical preparation and rehabilitation of athletes at all levels of sport. There is huge crossover in muscles, tendon and ligament attachments in the area. What makes things even more confusing is the array of commonly used diagnoses for conditions in the area. We hear terms like osteitis pubis, gilmores groin and adductor tendinitis for groin pathology. Terms such as hip labral tears/ cam deformities/pincer deformities/FAI/Hip impingement to describe hip pathology. Athletes often come out of a consult more confused by where they stand than when they went in! MRI can confuse athletes further when insignificant pathology in relation to an athletes actual issue is seen on imaging.  

At SPARC, Groin rehab is a corner stone of our specialist rehab services and we have huge experience in dealing with chronic long term groin injuries.