We are delighted to announce the commencement of recovery services at SPARC South Dublin.

Recovery post sport is vital for performance. Within our recovery platform we will be offering a range of services around both massage and compression. The acquisition of the Air Relax system gives our clients the most up to date recovery system allowing athletes recover quicker, decrease post activity soreness and aid future performance in their given sport. We have had great results and reports from clients who have already utilised the service. There are also plans for further expansion of these services in the future. 

The compression services offered to clients are available online from the SPARC store. The online prices represent the best value for clients looking to utilise the compression system.

On announcing the launch of the service clinic lead Eamon O Reilly has said “The compression unit is primarily aimed at competing athletes to accelerate recovery and aid performance in their next training session or competition. Where we would see this service as being particularly useful is with runners and triathletes, where training schedules are quite intense and intervals between sessions are reduced”.  

“We have had a lot of GAA players utilising the service throughout the summer to date, and the compression system provides another way of optimising recovery especially during June and July where qualifier matches are coming thick and fast"

Why not visit the SPARC store to book your sessions! Watch this space over the coming weeks as we launch our sports massage services at SPARC South Dublin.